The rapid adoption of digital communication has heightened the need for soft skills

PDIOnline is dedicated to providing the tailored courses you need to excel in the covid era

We are delighted to bring you our award winning soft skills training online and to specific user groups to benefit both you and the people who rely on you and your work to succeed today.

Other training wasn't good

We get a lot of unhappy participants who tell us about the bad training they have experienced elsewhere

You've maybe had a bad experience with training and have instead turned to books, maybe done an MBA, follow blogs, or listen to podcasts but nothing seems to fit your needs and wants.

You watch others make their situations worse by overlooking the importance of soft skills.  

You know things need to improve but haven't yet found out how.

Your passion to make things better is diminishing.  

You've come to the right place.

We've created online soft skills courses just for you

succeed in the digital world today

  • Pick only the skills you need

    Just like your toolbox at home, PDIOnline allows you to pick and choose the soft skills and methods you need to create the results you want & need

  • All the most important skills are included

    Our training is drawn from Potential’s award-winning books, in-person training, speaking, consulting, and coaching conducted in over 600 companies and 60 countries around the world

  • Featuring all formats of learning content

    PDIOnline includes videos, book excerpts, downloads, live zoom, online assessments, chat, Q&A, quizzes, and more.

  • Connect with change leaders globally

    By joining PDIOnline you can also connect with PDI Alumni numbering in the thousands and spread worldwide. We will facilitate your connections knowing the solution is in the dialogue.

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