Change is the door to potential

Dialogue is your key to the door

Join our live Star Negotiator "How To" sessions or enjoy our pre-recorded and signature Dialogue Course (45 hours). The solution is in the dialogue.
Change is the door, we have the key

@work you conflict with others, get taken advantage of, or want to implement change

@home harmony is waning, common ground is absent, basic values are questioned

@large in your communities problems appear insurmountable, your role is questioned, you feel anxious.

You considered other approaches but found them lacking

You trained, studied, and acquired skills but they don’t seem to get you the results you need. When you engage stakeholders, you find them indifferent and lacking common ground

You want to succeed and wonder what more you can do. We can help. Join us.

Several leading organisations have discovered our approach is the key to change they needed

MUFG, the fifth largest bank in the world & HKU Medicine, School of Public Health (battling Covid) both found our approach helped tackle complex issues in the last year

Membership groups found our approach helped members discuss problems in a mutually beneficial way despite the fact they all lead different organisations.

What is an optimal outcome?

Become a Star Negotiator to achieve optimal outcomes

The optimal outcome is the point at which no one party can get more without someone losing something. This is much better than win-win and we'll help you achieve it.

In response to demand, Peter Nixon created The Star Negotiator workshop and it took him around the world

Now you can take The Star Negotiator Workshop in 10+ short sessions online

The Star Negotiator Workshop has run in over 600 organisations and 60 countries around the world including in MBA Negotiation courses, the HKICPA Financial Controller’s Programme, the Singapore Institute of Management, YPO & EO Universities, and more.

Robin Hood Pricing - pay what you can

We want our solutions available to the widest audience possible

Our prices reflect the wealth gap in the world today. We ask the richest participant to pay 30x more than our charity participants because just like covid vaccines, learning how to dialogue and negotiate is needed by everyone, regardless of wealth, if we are to live successfully together on earth.
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The "How To" Series by PDIOnline

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> 600 organisations & 60 countries